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The JKFan magazine does not have such a long life as all well-known world publications with a long-term history do, but this fact does not affect its popularity in the world of sports.


    More than 10 years ago, magazine founder Ide Masahiro went against all reasoning and quite pessimistic forecasts and created a new publication being unique for that time, which exceeded all available financial resources. Mr. Masahiro’s creation became the most recognizable and competent. The professional publication that highlights the life of karate in all of its aspects have captured a vast audience not only in Japan but all over the world. The editors’ opinion is taken into account, many people consider it an honor to appear on magazine pages. This is exactly what is important for the publisher, as a true Japanese, — preserving the name that has become the brand. For this very reason, no proposal for the creation of a foreign version of the magazine has been accepted so far. The exception has been made for Kazakhstan only. There are several reasons for that, and the main one is the huge respect Mr. Masahiro has for Kazakhstan karate and its representatives.


    The new magazine fills almost an empty niche of popular printed matters devoted to professional sports. We tried to adapt the stylistics and format of materials of our colleagues but did it in the least so as not to break the existing editorial tradition.


    This is a magazine for those who consider karate to be an integral part of their lives.